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Hi, I’m Jen.  I am wife to Alex and mom to Edgar (4 years old) and Sabrina (2 years old).

My kids say awesome things. The longer I know my kids, the more awesome stuff they come up with. I started sharing the (hilarious, sweet, confusing, insightful) things my kids say, and I found that other people think my kids are awesome too.

People started sharing the latest Edgar-isms at baby showers, around the dinner table, or in the grocery store. I was getting requests to write a book, make a sitcom, or to just do something with all of this awesome material. So, here it is.

(Why “We Don’t Write on Meat”?! Check out the first comic here: We DON'T write on meat! )

The Comics: I’m not much of an artist. I know, I know–these comics are kind of lazy (copy and paste…talking heads…) and not really up to web comic standards.  But I’m a mom. I do what I have time to do.

The Illustrations: The illustrations are a mixture of hand-cut paper, ink, a little watercolor, and the occasional collage-ish sort of thing. I’m still working on my style. I’m also working on illustrations for a children’s book that I wrote in the mostly hand-cut paper style.

Anyway, I’m glad you are here. I hope you enjoy!

Family Portrait

And, no—I do not make these things up. They really happen. This is my life. And it is GREAT!

The props are one-sided

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