Butt Mom

Butt Mom

This is a very representative slice of our home life. The “but mom/butt mom” conversation happens every day at our house. ┬áBut, it’s still funny. Every time. It’s just one of those little ways that we reaffirm we are a family.

Does your family have something ridiculous that you always say?


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2 Responses to Butt Mom

  1. Mick Hickman says:

    When I was a kid I learned grammar from my mom’s passive/aggressive teachings. “Can me and Chris play by the pond?” “Why are you calling him Mean Chris? I don’t think you should be playing with someone who is mean. “

    • Jen says:

      That sounds like something my dad would say (=

      Wait–that sounds like something I would say. Crap. I have totally turned into my dad.

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