An Impossible Quest

An Impossible Quest
Mother’s Day was great. I was revered as a Mother (with a capital M) and got pampered, loved, and recognized. Today is the day after Mother’s Day, which means I get to go back to my day job of being just mom. Which is just fine with me. Because every time I used “it’s Mother’s Day” to get out of potty duties, driving, or bedtime, I got reminded: “Father’s Day is just around the corner you know…” Indeed, sir. If Mother’s Day had lasted any longer, the expectations for Father’s Day would have gotten completely out of hand.

So today’s comic is all about the awesomeness that is Dad at our house. Sometimes I am the awesome mom who will go on an Impossible Quest to find the invisible underwear…but after a long day filled with ridiculous requests, I am often just the mom who is hiding in the bathroom with a good book.

Which is why I am so grateful that Alex is always up for a good Impossible Quest when he gets home from work.

Dad’s are awesome. Mom’s are the ones to call when you can’t find your left shoe, your backpack, or the jacket that is two steps to your right. But DAD is the one to call when you need to find a package of invisible underwear.

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