Edgar is shocked to hear us chat about Chicago as if it were real.

Did your dad ever tell you to go play on the freeway?  Well, when I am overwhelmed and don’t know what else to say, I tell my kids I’m going to send them to Constantinople or Timbuktu. Or Zimbabwe. Or Sheboygan. Or Saskatchewan. Or…Chicago.  They are convinced that, since I would NEVER really send them away, these places must all be fake. Hmm.

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3 Responses to Chicago

  1. Liz Woolf says:

    Every time we are going anywhere at least one child will ask, “Where are we going?” At this point it is a ridiculous question because the answer will always remain the same, “Crazy.” hehe

    • Jen says:

      That is exactly what my dad would say Liz! The other one, when we asked “why” too many times my dad would say “Why? To make little girls (or boys) ask questions–and it works every time.” This was always followed by a groan. (=

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