Locking our Doors

Locking our Doors

Edgar is really disappointed that he has never had the chance to try out his fighting moves on a REAL bad guy.  Hopefully he stays disappointed.

About 2 weeks ago our friend (who lives about 2 blocks away) had someone break down their door while they were gone and steal some electronics. A few days ago another friend (who lives about a block away) woke up to find an intruder had broken in through a window and made a little nest where he could sleep off his bad night.

It’s not like we live in the slums, people. This is in the middle of Generic Suburbia, USA.

This all brings back lovely memories from when I was in high school and we had a guy break into our house in the middle of the night while we were all asleep. He was a polite intruder. As he walked out of my parents bathroom and bumped into their bed he said, “Uh, sorry” and walked out the front door.

Well, Edgar will just keep practicing his fighting-bad-guys-techniques and we’ll keep hoping he never gets a chance to put those moves into real-life action. Because I’m a bit worried that he would. Can you imagine? I wonder what a bad guy would do if he saw 4-year-old Edgar coming at his crotch with a wicked head butt and a loud war cry?  

I don’t know…but any bad guy thinking about targeting our neighborhood again better watch out. Between Edgar’s moves and the neighborhood boys’ Home-Alonestyle plans for retribution, that bad guy would be in for quite a shock. 

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