Recipe: Edgar’s FAVORITE Chocolate Chip Cookies

Edgars FAVORITE Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe—–
Merry Christmas! My gift to you: an illustrated cookie recipe for baking with your kids.

We bake these a lot at our house. Once a week is not unusual. Multiple times a week? Yes, that happens. A while back I made a little sketch of our recipe and taped it up inside door of the baking cupboard so that Edgar and Sabrina could help me follow the recipe when we bake together. The kids usually unwrap the butter, crack the eggs (into a small bowl, so I can fish the shells out), and dump the mom-measured ingredients into the bowl.

REALITY CHECK : This sounds really Leave it to Beaver, but don’t get all huffy about over-achieving moms. Sometimes it is a super fun learning-by-exploring sort of experience. (“Oops, you dropped an egg on the floor. Next time try to keep it over the bowl when you crack it”). But depending on (1) whether we have company coming over, (2) my stress levels, and (3) how many days it has been since I have showered, this process can also turn pretty ugly (“YOU DROPPED ANOTHER EGG?!?! Ok, you are done. Why don’t you go watch a movie and I’ll bring you cookies later.”)

This recipe is nothing special. It’s just the back-of-the-chocolate-chip-bag recipe with a few tweaks (check out Handle the Heat’s Ultimate Guide to Chocolate Chip Cookies for ideas about how to get the kind of cookies you like!) One tip though–don’t cook the cookies until they are brown. Those will be overdone. When you take them out they should still be kind of gooey. As they cool, they become perfect. Or eat them fresh with a spoon. It’s like cookie dough soup!

Happy Baking!


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