Alex has had a lot of dental visits lately. Combine that with the scene in Finding Nemo where the fish are escaping and the dentist drill is making a, well, screwing sound….and you get my 2-year-old prescribing “screwing” for Edgar’s toothache.

On a related note, Edgar had his first dentist appointment yesterday. Our dentist was great. He’s just our regular dentist–no fancy kid dentist stuff. He took Edgar to his supply closet and explained each tool as he got it out. He was very patient with my terrified son.

It went pretty well. You know, after I coaxed Edgar out of the fetal position with cajoling, patting, reassurance, explanations, a lot of mommy love–and of course bribery.

The trip to the dentist ended with a congratulatory lunch at Dairy Queen, and a trip to pick up the bribe–a cool new transformer. And, do you know what Edgar had done at the dentist? He had his teeth brushed with a toothbrush. And had his teeth counted. And the fluoride treatment (top and bottom separately since he was gagging and panicking when the whole thing was placed in his mouth. But, I don’t blame him. I hate that part, too).  And–the most terrifying part–he had his spit sucked out with the little vacuum tube.

I don’t actually know if he has any tooth decay, because there was no way that boy was going to be okay with x-rays after being so terrified with having his teeth brushed. With a toothbrush. 

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