Getting Dressed

Getting Dressed--
Non-parents be all: whatcha doin’ in your underwears around a four year old boy?!

But parents whose kids are between ages 2 and 20, you all know what I’m talking about, right? (Parents of kids under 2 still have ideals. Parents of kids over 20 get memory loss). There is a plan to get dressed. It’s just that somewhere in the process someone needs a drink, a wipe, a diaper change, a kiss on their bonked forehead, a new cup of water because their cup is the wrong color, and other extreme toddler emergencies.

So, sometimes you spend more time than you had planned in your underwear.

But, clearly, there comes a point where you have spent too much time in your underwear. And, if you listen closely, your kids will let you know when you have reached that point.

And if you are REALLY lucky, they will share their insights with your non-parent friends. Because kids are super helpful like that.

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5 Responses to Getting Dressed

  1. My kids are so used to me in my underwear that they seriously don’t even notice anymore. Even the teen. Which is just plain embarrassing really. Oh well. I gave up on winning the MoTY a LOOOOONG time ago! ;)

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