Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Happy Birthday Dr Seuss

I think that it is weird that Dr. Seuss’s birthday has become something of an event in schools that seems to approach the hubbub of Valentine’s Day or Halloween. But I also think it’s kind of awesome. Who better to be a mascot for read-a-thons and favorite book discussions? We are certainly Dr. Seuss fans at our house. Alex’s dad read him so much Dr. Seuss as a child that Seuss quotes are just a part of normal conversation (complaining about your job? They will note that at least you don’t have to work for the “piffulous pay of two Dooklas a day.”  ).

Anyway, we read a lot (check out our bookshelf favorites on Pinterest), but we’re certainly not perfect about it. Some days I realize that the kids watched about 4 hours of He-man (*cough…okay…maybe even more than that) but we never cracked open a book. But then other days we can sit and read for hours. It all evens out…right?

So, happy birthday Dr. Seuss. Oh, and happy birthday to my nephew Daniel. Glad you’re not dead, too.

Talking to God Because he has long-distance grandparents, Edgar is very familiar with the “leave a message” concept. Like in this comic where Edgar talks to God. 


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