Illustrated: Combat Whales

Combat Whales illustration

Sabrina’s current favorite animal is the “combat whale.” It is such cute name that I just can’t even correct her. Like the time 2-year-old Edgar wanted a snack and asked for “cop porn.” I was completely confused (and more than a little concerned) until he pointed to a box of microwave pop corn. But, actually, I did correct him on that one. Because I blush too easily and that could get really embarrassing in certain company.

(for other adorable words butchered by toddlers, check out this hilarious post by Mommy Shorts-just make sure your kids aren’t reading over your shoulder…)

But I digress.  Sabrina is enamored with humpback whales. I think she was watching an episode of Go Diego, Go! and it was love at first sight. Except, something about Deigo’s accent made her think that they were called combat whales. Which sounds like something out of a bad sci-fi movie, until you see THIS video of male humpbacks violently battling for the right to…well…they are called humpbacks.

Combat whales. Not a bad name after all.

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