Illustrated: Orbit


Edgar and Sabrina have been really interested in space lately. We’ve been checking out books at the library, videos, and looking up stuff online. Every couple of days Edgar asks if the space probe is still on its way to Pluto. (It is. It left earth in 2006 and will fly by Pluto in 2015. How cool is that?) 

Anyway, he has outer space on the brain. So last week when we were driving up to Grandma’s house and we were in some pretty heavy traffic, Edgar told me that if those other cars were not friends or family of our grandma–then they needed to just get out of our orbit! This kid cracks me up. 

I’ve been dying to use the new multi-colored pack of tissue paper I got myself for my birthday. I figured that a collage planet was just the thing. If you are really nerdy, you can look closely beneath the planet’s surface for a hint of graph paper and eclipse equations. Because I’m that nerdy.


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