Illustrated: Pink Dinosaurs

Pink Dinosaurs
Poor Dad. He always said he suspected our kids loved me more than they loved him. But when Sabrina quantified her love using her favorite form of measurement–pink dinosaurs–it became painfully clear.

(Edgar also quantified his love for each of us. Alex got the short stick, er, tree there, too.)

In reality, my kids ADORE their dad. They have absolutely no idea what he does all day when he’s not with us, but they are SO excited when he gets home.

Actually, they are pretty sure that, for their poor sad daddy, being away from his kids all day is a horrible terrible punishment.  They often plan rescue missions to save daddy from work.

So, Sad Dad, cheer up! Your kids think you are great. I mean, Sabrina loves you as big as THREE pink dinosaurs. And that’s a lot of love.

(Note: Yes. That is the 40 foot tall pink dinosaur from Vernal, UT on the way to Dinosaur National Monument. Her name is Dinah. For Sabrina it was love at first sight, and she now uses “as big as a pink dinosaur” as a regular unit of measurement.)

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