A Little Argument

A Little Argument
Sometimes I find myself in arguments with my kids about completely ridiculous things.  I’m not talking about ridiculous arguments, although I’ve had those too:
“This shirt is too green!”
“I’m too tired to go to bed!”
“Don’t throw away my garbage! It’s a family! THEY HAVE TO STAY TOGETHER!”

Those are ridiculous arguments. No, I’m talking about arguing over ridiculous stuff. Like whether a toy is a dog or a tiger. Or like the argument Sabrina and I had yesterday.

I don’t know what I was thinking. I promise that usually I am a very good parent. But yesterday, the kids and I were making paper chains to countdown to the day that our family is coming to visit. I had the kids pick out their own paper and cut their own paper strips and then–AND THEN–I told them that making the actual chain was too hard for them. Their job was to hand me pieces of tape and I–the all powerful grown up–would make the actual chain for them. Because I am that nice.

While I made Edgar’s chain, Sabrina gave me THE LOOK. The “don’t you DARE tell me I can’t do it” look.

Sabrina (3): “I can TOO do it myself”
Jen (what was I thinking?): No, really sweetie, I think it’s too hard. Let mommy help.
Sabrina: I CAN do it and I WILL do it ALL BY MYSELF!!!!!”
Jen: Okaaaaay….but let me know when you decide you need some mommy help.

And she made her own chain. And my job was to hand her little pieces of tape.


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