Illustrated: Till the Cows Come Home

The love posts just keep coming on We Don’t Write on Meat this month! I love Valentine’s Day. Always have. Valentine’s Day and I have quite the history:

My First Valentine’s Day
I was born the day before Valentine’s. The nurses curled my hair and put little pink and red bows in my hair for my first trip home.

My Worst Valentine’s Day
In high school I had a boyfriend whose birthday was a few days before mine. I got him a great present. He dumped me the next day. I spend my birthday and Valentine’s sad and single. We got back together the day after Valentine’s and he NEVER EVEN GOT ME A PRESENT. (Not that I am still bitter about that…)

My Best Valentine’s Day
My husband–who is one of the most cynical and least cheesy people I know (sorry honey, but you know it is true)–actually proposed on Valentine’s Day.  Of course this was after he tried to throw me off the trail by telling me he was still in love with an ex…but that’s a whole other story. The proposal was very sweet and thrilling. The thrilling part may have had something to do with the fact that we were standing on a frozen lake and it was making cracking noises.

So, anyway I really love Valentine’s Day. And, I must agree with Amber from Crappy Pictures–it’s time for the lovers to take it back from the kids. (Parents are supposed to get their kids GIFTS for Valentines? Really? Not happening in our house). But, I do get all mushy and gooey inside when my kids say things like, “I will love you ’till the cows come home…and they will NEVER come home!”

When Edgar said that, I pictured this sweet little cow running away from home forever.  So, here’s to love, and cows, and Valentine’s Day, and, uh–running away from home. Weird. This ended up in a different place than I expected.

Till the Cows Come Home


Check out the comic behind this illustration!

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