Illustrated: No Time for Music

No Time for Music

This boy is ALWAYS battling. I’m not even sure what music he didn’t have time for when he said this. But he doesn’t have time for eating or sleeping when he is in the middle of a good battle.

Edgar’s all-time favorite past time is to watch a movie and pretend to be something from the movie while having pretend battles (while watching the movie for good quotes to use–this boy can trash talk like no other.). Favorites include:

  • How to Train Your Dragon (as dragon, dragon trainer, or outcast)
  • Lilo and Stitch films (as an experiment, usually fighting the “Big Dummy”)
  • He-Man (might be on the side of good or evil–usually evil)
  • She-ra (usually pretending to be a bad guy–has never actually pretended to be She-ra)
  • Voltron (he LOVES fighting ro-beasts–as in robot + beast.)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (is more often than not pretending to be some new mutant)
  • Pokemon (this kid has been making up believable Pokemon names since he could first talk)

But my favorite is when he combines genres. ¬†Like when he is training (Pokemon or Dragons) an evil experiment (Lilo and Stitch) who is fighting a mutant (TMNT) ro-beast (Voltron) that works for Hordak (She-ra). That’s just the best.¬†

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